Services | Landscaping and Ground Maintenance

Cultivating Curb Appeal, One Green Space at a Time

First impressions matter, and your outdoor spaces set the tone. Embarq's landscaping and ground maintenance team are true artists, crafting vibrant, welcoming environments that capture the essence of your assets.

Guiding Facilities to New Heights

What Encompasses the Landscaping and Ground Maintenance Solution?

Embarq focuses on establishing, maintaining, and taking care of beautiful, green spaces. Apart from eliminating pests, diseases, and weeds in your lawn, we supply nutrients that are essential to the sustenance of a beautiful landscape. Our Ground and Landscaping experts know how to take proper care of lawns and maintain them properly. We ensure that your lawn remains green and healthy and that your landscape becomes more beautiful with every passing day.

Our Landscaping Services Include:

Indoor Landscaping and Design

Mulch Installation


Drainage Maintenance


Playground Maintenance

Seasonal Clean-Up

Tree Removal

Snow Pre-Treatment and Removal

Water Feature Installation and Maintenance

Retention Pond Maintenance